Accidents on New York City Streets

street accidentUnfortunately, street accidents occur on a regular basis, especially in the busy streets of New York. Such accidents generally involve a slip or trip on a sidewalk or street from which some type of injury is suffered.

Street accidents usually occur as a result of the improper maintenance of the streets or sidewalks. A mere walk around the neighborhood can lead to injury when the pavement is uneven or broken. Sometimes an injury can occur when a pedestrian encounters an obstacle as well.

A New York street injury attorney can attest to the frequent accidents that place individuals in the hands of medical specialists. Broken bones, sprains, contusions, abrasions, and even head injuries are suffered on poorly maintained roads. Often weather is a factor, certainly, not only for the fact that streets become slick and slippery with ice, but they can also be damaged during inclement weather. If this occurs, the city needs to conduct repairs within a reasonable time.

When an injury accident occurs on a street due to the negligence of an individual, company, or entity such as a city, the victim should seek the assistance of a New York street accident attorney. Grounds for an injury claim may exist. Often, an accident victim faces costly medical treatment, as well as loss of income for the time during which he or she cannot work. If the injuries are serious enough, the victim may even be deemed disabled and not be able to return to work at all. In such a case extensive and prolonged medical care is almost a given.

If you are injured on the street, there are certain steps that your New York personal injury attorney will want you to take immediately. You should note the time and date of the accident and check to determine if anyone was a witness. Additionally, you need to seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible. Your lawyer or his/her investigator will visit the scene and take photographs and measurements of any cracks, obstructions, or other forms of improper maintenance.

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