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Nine Injured After SUV Jumps Curb and Strikes Group of Pedestrians in The Bronx

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Nine people have been injured, including six pedestrians, after an SUV jumped a curb, overturned and struck a group of pedestrians in the Bronx. According to a CBS New York news report, the pedestrian accident occurred when an SUV traveling south on Southern Boulevard near Grote Street jumped the curb and crashed into six people including a 2-year-old boy. Police say the woman driving the SUV lost control near the Bronx Zoo.

Two Children Involved

One of the women in the group that was struck had to be taken to the emergency room because she saw the child get hit and become airborne, a witness said. There were three occupants in the SUV including a 11-year-old boy. Police are looking into the possibility that the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

No charges have been filed in this case. The investigation is ongoing. All nine victims were transported to an area hospital. They are expected to survive. Police do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved.

Pedestrian Accidents in NYC

For the last several years, the city has tried to implement the Vision Zero initiative, an ambitious plan to reduce fatal traffic accidents citywide. However, 2019 has been off to a bad start. This year, traffic accident deaths on New York City’s streets are on pace to increase for the first time after Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced his Vision Zero program. Also, areas such as Queens and southern Brooklyn are experiencing the most notable increases in bicycle and pedestrian accidents. There have been 65 traffic deaths in New York City through April 28 this year, a 30 percent increase from the 50 traffic deaths that were recorded at that point last year.

Pedestrian accidents have the potential to result in devastating injuries. Some of the common injuries sustained in pedestrian versus vehicle collisions include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, broken bones, amputations, internal organ damage, etc. These are all injuries that may require lengthy hospitalization and costly rehabilitation. They may also result in long-term disabilities that may prevent individuals from returning to work or pursuing livelihoods.

Compensation for Injured Pedestrians

Victims who have been injured in pedestrian accidents may be able to seek compensation for damages including, but not limited to, medical expenses, lost income and benefits, hospitalization, rehabilitation, permanent injuries, disabilities, past and future pain and suffering, etc. It is important to remember that pedestrian accident victims may be able to seek compensation for injuries or losses in a collision even if they were not walking in a marked crosswalk.

A family that has lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit seeking compensation as well. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through what can quickly become a complex process and help you maximize the compensation you receive.

Contacting an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, or if you have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent or careless driver, the experienced New York personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm can help you better understand your legal rights and options, and also fight hard to recover just compensation for you.

For over 47 years, our skilled accident attorneys have established a proven track record of helping injured victims. Our law firm recently recovered $5,600,000 for a bicyclist who was hit by a van, and $2,550,000 for another victim of a truck accident, and $3,000,000 for a pedestrian who was hit by a car, and the full $1,000,000 insurance policy for a pedestrian who was hit by a truck, and $4,625,000 for a driver who was in a car and was hit by a van, and $2,500,000 for a man who fell through an improperly secured hole. Also, one of our clients obtained a verdict for $43,940,000 and another of our clients got a verdict for $23,500,000, both in medical malpractice cases.

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Source: https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/06/21/9-injured-suv-jumps-curb-bronx/ 

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