$2,500,000 – Birth Injury, Medical Negligence Causes Mild Cerebral Palsy

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The mother of a child who was born through medical negligence (malpractice) asked if her child had a case as the baby only had mild cerebral palsy.
Christian was born at a reputable New York hospital with defects due to the malpractice of doctors at the hospital. His mother had a risk of stroke caused by high blood pressure and wanted a skilled obstetrician to care for her and to deliver her child. Christian was at risk for fetal distress, or when the fetus does not receive enough oxygen in the mother’s womb, so a prompt C-section delivery was in order. But they waited and chose to deliver the baby vaginally using a suction device, which sucks the baby out of the birth canal with force. The baby’s body was harmed in this traumatic delivery as well as being deprived of oxygen for the prolonged delivery time. Our firm was able to recover $2,500,000 for the family.