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Accidents in Buildings

Accidents in Buildings, Sidewalks or StreetsAt the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm, we help people who were injured in accidents that resulted from poor maintenance of, or defects in, a property, sidewalk, or parking lot.  Construction or other debris in walkways can also cause an unsafe environment in which these injuries may occur.  Many of the cases we have handled involve accidents that occurred in construction settings or involve a building that was improperly maintained, but we also handle cases where a lack of security caused a client to fall victim to a crime.

To recover damages for these types of accidents, we must prove that a dangerous condition existed on the property and that the person or company that owns, operates or manages the property was negligent in protecting you.  This means there was a situation that presented an unreasonable and obvious risk, like a section of broken sidewalk, and the owner, operator or manager did not make a reasonable effort to fix it.

In one case, we obtained a verdict for a woman who injured her arm because of defective sidewalk cellar doors.  The defense offered $200,000 to settle the case, but we took it to trial and got $525,000 for the injured person.

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We can even come to you at your home, hospital or on the job.

If you don’t have a doctor to treat you for your injury, we may well be able to find doctors that can treat you without you paying them until the end of the case, and we can keep insurance adjusters from calling you.

Who is Liable in a Building, Apartment, Sidewalk or Street Accident?

Determining liability in an accident is difficult, but we can help.  Depending on the details of the accident, liability may fall on the party responsible for maintaining the building, sidewalk, roadway or parking lot where the accident occurred.

Examples of Accidents and Injuries in Buildings, Apartments, Sidewalks and Streets

We have received favorable verdicts on cases involving the following:

  • Falls from scaffolding at construction sites
  • Lead poisoning from paint in apartments
  • Sprained ankles from slipping and falling
  • Hot water burns
  • Injuries related to fire and/or smoke
  • A faulty door lock that led to the rape of a woman
  • Injuries sustained from being hit by a car

Cases for Accidents in Buildings, Apartments, Sidewalks and Streets

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence, or carelessness of others, please contact us immediately for your free consultation.  We will guide you through the process, explain your rights and will make very effort to help you get the most compensation for your case or claim.  Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-WORK-4-YOU (1-800-967-5496).