broken bones injuriesBroken Bones

A New York broken bone lawyer can often help a victim gain compensation. Few injuries occur as frequently, and in nearly every type of accident as bone fractures, or broken bones. From vehicle accidents to falls to explosions and dog bites, painful breaks pervade the spectrum.

General overview

As common as they are, broken bone injuries can be debilitating. A victim can be left unable to work, drive, or engage in the other routine activities. In a workplace, other employees may have to take on an extra load to compensate for a long-term absence. At home, children may have no one to drive them to school.

Some broken bone injuries occur because of diseases that weaken them. Osteoporosis deteriorates minerals and proteins in bones, causing them to become brittle and more susceptible to breaks. This does not mean, however, that a victim of, say, a bicycle accident who suffers a broken bone will be unable to win a claim. The disease may deteriorate the bone, but the accident broke it. More often, however, otherwise healthy bones are damaged or broken when an accident occurs.

Types of bone injuries

From the outset it should be understood that the terms “fracture” and “break” are virtually synonymous. Some believe that a fracture is an incomplete break. However, incomplete breaks are really a type of fracture, of which there are many. A few of the more common fractures are:

  • Closed and Compound Bone Fractures – Simply put, a compound fracture is one in which the bone has penetrated the skin. A closed fracture is one in which this has not occurred. Compound fractures are generally considered more dangerous because of the increased risk of infection.
  • Complete and Hairline Bone Fractures – A complete fracture occurs when the bone has been broken clean through its width. A hairline fracture, by contrast, is a crack in the bone that extends only part of the way through the bone. Hairline fractures are in most cases of the least concern to a physician, for they cause the least trauma to the bone. Complete fractures, however, in some cases require surgery, including pins to hold the bone sections in place.
  • Compression Bone Fractures – Frequently seen in victims of fall and vehicle accidents, these usually occur in the spinal column when vertebrae compress until a crack or break occurs. These can be quite severe, in some cases leaving the victim permanently disabled.
  • Double Bone Fractures – One of the more serious of these injuries, double fractures either involve multiple breaks along the same bone or simultaneous breaks of two different bones. Surgery is often required.
  • Bone Dislocation Fracture – Often very painful, these injuries occur when the bone breaks and dislocates from its joint. Resetting dislocations can be grueling.

Many other forms of bone fractures occur as well. Treatment depends upon the nature and extent of the fracture. A simple cast may be all that is required; in other cases surgery, and even traction may be necessary. Fortunately, healthy bones tend to heal fairly quickly. However, in many cases the bone retains a degree of weakness at the break area that can cause occasional discomfort, and even lead to another break. Ultimately, if an individual suffers a serious bone fracture in an accident caused by someone else, it is important that they contact a New York broken bone lawyer.

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