How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer: Why Experience Counts – Free Download

Personal Injury LawyerChoosing a personal injury lawyer to represent you in a serious injury claim is a very big decision. In this ebook, author Kenneth A. Wilhelm talks about the importance of selecting an attorney that has a great deal of experience. He then tells us how having an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you.
First, an experienced accident attorney understands the DNA of a big case. There are four things that are important. Liability, damages, having someone you can collect against and having a nice client.
agold-authorAn experienced personal injury lawyer can often spot a diamond in the rough and is likely to understand how to help you navigate through the case so that you get all of the benefits your deserve.
Mr. Wilhelm says “it’s easy to take the short money. It’s easy when someone throws you a bone, now you made a fee. You can talk a client into taking a lousy result because you don’t have the guts to go to trial, you don’t have the the money to hold out, and so you think – I am just going to take the money and run. – That is the biggest problem that we have, that is why one lawyer can settle a case for $50,000 and another will get $1 million on it…. You have to have guts, experience, and the ability to hold out and size up the case.”

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