$850,000 – Slip-and-Fall Burn at Workplace

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We were able to recover $850,000 for a man who worked in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. A co-worker left a slippery liquid on the floor causing the man to slip and fall. The large, hot pot of soup, which he was carrying, spilled on him causing severe burns. Because the boss (or employer) of the injured person did not carry workers’ compensation insurance, we were able to sue him directly and recover money from his liability insurance company. This is a way around the rule of law that does not allow you to sue your employer. Very few lawyers would have known to do this. We fought hard for the injured person and were able to obtain this settlement. A Court appointed mediator told us to settle for $550,000, but we refused and went to trial. During trial, we settled for $300,000 more.

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