$23,500,000 – Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy Case

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Doctors departed from proper medical procedures in allowing a resident to handle the birth of the child and for negligently not informing the infant’s mother of a urinary tract infection they had tested her for weeks earlier.  The mother visited the doctor twice before she went into labor prematurely, but was not treated for the urinary tract infection. The mother was not seen by a doctor for several hours and the emergency caesarean was done in an untimely manner. Additionally, the resident that was allowed to handle the delivery was said to have applied too much pressure on the infant’s head, causing trauma to the head and bleeding in the brain. The result was a baby born with severe mental retardation and cerebral palsy.

Our firm worked with another firm to reach this verdict. The verdict was so huge that it was reduced to $5,400,000 on appeal.

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