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A recent case that was settled by Kenneth A. Wilhelm for $2,550,000 involved a passenger in his wife’s vehicle which had four traffic controls against it including a stop sign, two flashing red lights (which are the equivalent of stop signs), and a stop line.  A truck that was coming from the above vehicle’s right going toward its left collided with the car in which our client was a passenger.  After a great deal of litigation, the judge in effect dismissed the case of the injured person and said the vehicle our client was a passenger in was one-hundred percent responsible for causing the accident and the truck was one-hundred percent free from fault.  The injured person is prohibited from recovering directly against his wife who was driving the vehicle in which he was a passenger.  Therefore, we are only able to sue the truck owner and driver.  However, the judge ruled the truck owner and driver were not at all at fault, not even 1%.  In spite of this, we were able to get the insurance company for the truck to settle for $2,500,000 and we were able to get the insurance company for the car in which he was passenger (his wife’s car) to offer the full $50,000 policy. To repeat, we got $2,500,000 from the truck’s insurance company after the judge said the truck driver wasn’t even 1% at fault, and we also got $50,000 from his wife’s insurance company even though the injured person cannot sue his wife directly.

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