Abogados de Accidentes en Escalera Mecánica en Nueva York

Escalators are excellent devices for moving people quickly and comfortably. Some stores even include separate stairs for shopping carts. However, when an injury occurs, it can be very serious. Lesions in the spine , whiplash, broken bones (like limbs, ribs and back), and even death can occur on a walk unfortunate escalators.

Normally, escalators work silently and efficiently, so we usually trust them, since they move us from one floor from one building to another without problems. However, as with all objects in mechanical motion, they malfunction from time to time. Escalators are prone to sudden stops and jerks, and are notorious for catching clothing items on the teeth of their scrolling steps. Often these occurrences are due to lack of proper maintenance.

New York statutes and ordinances strictly regulate the construction, operation, and maintenance of escalators. Building owners, maintenance contractors, and installers have a responsibility to ensure that escalators are safe to use as designed. Lack of code construction or proper maintenance can result in fines. If you were injured through the fault or negligence of an escalator, a New York escalator injury attorney may be able to help you win compensation.

We can get compensation for:

  • Disfigurement associated with the injury;

  • Disability, whether temporary or permanent;

  • Resulting physical limitations;

  • Loss of income due to incapacity for work

  • Medical expenses, including those of doctors, clinics, hospitals, therapists, and

  • Pain and suffering, etc.

The process of obtaining compensation can be difficult, however, especially for a person who is not familiar with the law. Property owners and other potential defendants are often powerful companies that have astute insurance representatives and defense attorneys whose job it is to limit your exposure to damages to the smallest amount. Only a qualified, experienced New York escalator injury attorney has the ability to represent victims in cases against those responsible on an equal footing.

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