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When we are injured or sick, we entrust our health and future to the hands of medical professionals to provide us with the medical treatment that we need to get better. However, what we don’t anticipate is a devastating mistake by these professionals that will forever change our lives. Although doctors and health care providers can make mistakes just like any other professionals, a mistake made in this profession can be catastrophic and even fatal.

medmalThe Staten Island medical malpractice lawyers at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm are committed to representing individuals who have become the victim of some form of negligence at the hands of medical professionals. Ever since 1971, our legal team has aggressively fought to get clients and their loved ones the full compensation they deserve.

Legal Definition of Medical Malpractice

All healthcare providers and medical professionals owe a legal duty and ethical obligation to patients when providing medical treatment. Medical malpractice is professional negligence, by act or omission, by a health care provider in which care deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or even death to the patient.

How to Avoid Medical Malpractice

We understand that medical malpractice is unavoidable by the patient in the majority of situations. However, there are certain steps you can take that may reduce the risk of medical malpractice.

  1. Research your doctor, health care facility or hospital where you anticipate getting medical treatment. If other people have had a bad experience, there is a great chance that you might as well.
  2. Get involved in your medical treatment by asking your doctor or health care provider about your medical care and course of treatment. If you do not interact with your doctor, there is a greater chance that you may have to later deal with a medical malpractice claim.
  3. Trust your instincts. If you feel something is not right with the medical diagnosis or recommended course of treatment, do not hesitate to get a second or third opinion.
  4. Despite taking all the precautionary steps, you may have still become the victim of medical negligence, in which case you may have a right to recover against the negligent medical provider. Our Staten Island medical malpractice lawyers will aggressively fight to get you the compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

Pursuing Justice Against Negligent Medical Providers.

We can even come to you and there is no attorneys fees unless we recover money for you.

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