Staten Island Quadriplegia and Paraplegia Injury Attorneys

Approximately 11,000 Americans suffer a spinal cord injury every year. The most serious spinal cord injuries result in quadriplegia, or paralysis of the arms, legs and part of the trunk. Other spinal cord injuries may result in paraplegia, or paralysis to the legs only. Regardless of whether an individual is quadriplegic or paraplegic, they will generally face extraordinary hurdles and may require daily assistance and regular trips to the hospital for corrective procedures. Many may have chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

medmalEver since 1971, the Staten Island quadriplegia and paraplegia attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm have been successfully representing victims of paraplegia and quadriplegia. Whether you are injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, a work-related accident or any accident which resulted in serious spinal cord injuries, our goal is to get you the full and just compensation that you deserve.

Paraplegia Defined

Paraplegia is when an injury to the spinal cord causes paralysis, affecting the spinal cord at the thoracic, lumbar, or mid and lower back areas of the body, resulting in the loss of feeling and function to your lower limbs. This is a serious injury with life altering consequences and medical needs.

Causes of Quadriplegia and Paraplegia

Most cases of paralysis result from trauma such as a sudden impact to the spine, causing a fracture or dislocation of vertebrae and thereby injuries to the spinal cord. Some of the leading causes of quadriplegia and paraplegia include:

  • Serious motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Trips and falls
  • Acts of violence, such as gunshots
  • Sports injuries
  • Disease, infections and other causes

Regardless of what caused your paraplegia or quadriplegia, both types of injuries often require life-long medical care, including rehabilitation and a total readjustment to your daily life activities.

Our Staten Island quadriplegia and paraplegia attorneys work with experts who can put together a life care plan outlining the surgical costs, medical devices, durable medical equipment, daily living needs, lost wages, loss of earning capacity and rehabilitation costs for which a victim requires compensation.

Fighting For the Rights of People Who Are Paralyzed

We can even come to you and there is no attorneys fees unless we recover money for you.

If you or a loved one has received a spinal cord injury caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. The experienced Staten Island quadriplegia and paraplegia attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm can help you better understand your legal rights and options. Please contact us toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800 WORK-4-YOU (1-800-967-5496). We can also help with spinal cord injury claims in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or Florida.

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