Brooklyn Truck Accident Attorney

new york truck accident attorney, trucking accident attorney, trucking accident lawyerCar accidents in busy metropolitan areas such as Brooklyn often have a great deal of confusion and uncertainty over exactly what happened and who is responsible. This is especially the case for accidents involving a truck, such as when a truck rear ends a passenger vehicle. Cities like Brooklyn tend to be crowded with pedestrian traffic and road obstacles, which means that an accident might have many contributing factors and assigning fault might be difficult.

If you have been involved in truck accident or been rear-ended by a truck, you will want to contact a Brooklyn truck accident attorney to find out what your rights are and whether you are entitled to compensation for any damages you have incurred.

Truck Drivers Operate Under Different Laws

Under New York law, commercial truck and semi-trailer-drivers are required to use extreme caution to avoid any rear-end collisions. It will be important for your Brooklyn truck accident attorney to prove certain factors to make a successful case that the truck driver was negligent in causing the accident. This might include proving that the driver was speeding, was affected by certain distractions, or was failing to keep a safe distance behind you.

Depending on the specific circumstances of your collision, the law may even presume negligence by the driver. Although all drivers are covered by the same laws of negligence, certain sections of the New York Vehicle Code apply specifically to truck drivers. Add to this the fact that truck drivers are required to have certain licensing and training, and plaintiffs’ cases can be somewhat easier to prove.

We Can Help

Because the laws governing truck accidents in New York are complex, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced Brooklyn accident attorney who specializes in truck collision cases. If you go to court with trained legal representation, you are morel likely to get the compensation you deserve.

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