The Dangers of Scaffolding Accidents, Explained by a Brooklyn Accident Attorney

construction accidents, scaffolding accidents, brooklyn personal injury lawyerBrooklyn usually has a great deal of construction going on, and unfortunately, that means that construction accidents are all too common, one of the most common of these being scaffolding accidents. If you have been involved in a scaffolding accident, it is in your interest to contact an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney to find out if you are entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Determining Who Is Responsible

Scaffolding accidents are among the most catastrophic and dangerous accidents that can occur at construction sites. While some of them are avoidable, even the most careful workers sometimes fall victim to the negligent safety practices of their employers or co-workers, resulting in serious injuries.
Scaffolding accidents can result from:

  • Defective or aging scaffolding and equipment that has been poorly maintained
  • Lack of proper protective gear provided by employers
  • Unsecured objects falling on workers from high up
  • Improperly installed scaffolding
  • Violation of safety regulations
  • Poor inspection and maintenance of scaffolding

Whatever the cause of your scaffolding injuries, you should contact a Brooklyn personal injury attorney soon after the date of the accident to get help filing a claim and obtaining compensation for your injuries.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Result?

Scaffolding accidents may result in all manner of serious injuries, depending on the nature of the accident. Improperly installed or maintained scaffolding might cause a worker to slip and fall, resulting in fractured or broken bones—or worse, brain trauma or spinal cord trauma.

It is also not uncommon for tools and equipment to slip off the edge of scaffolding, causing serious head injuries to whomever might be standing below. Hardhats can provide some degree of protection, but not from extremely heavy or large objects.

Electrical injuries may also result, as electricians and painters often work near live wires on scaffolding. A malfunction might cause severe electrical shock and deep burns.

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