Brooklyn Slip-and-Fall Attorney

Brooklyn Slip-and-Fall Attorney

slip and fall lawyer, slip and fall attorney, slip and fall lawyer nycIf you have suffered a slip-and-fall accident and intend to pursue a slip-and-fall claim to recover damages, you will want the help of an experienced Brooklyn slip-and-fall attorney. Your claim will be heavily dependent on what kind of physical evidence you can collect, preserve, and present to your attorney, who will evaluate the strength of your case. Even if you think you have a strong case, it means little if you do not have the necessary evidence collected and preserved as soon as you can.

Gathering Evidence

One of the most crucial things in any slip-and-fall case is to document as much evidence as possible. The most useful documentation you can get is to photograph the scene of the accident, including whatever caused you to trip and fall on the ground. These photographs will provide important documentary evidence because accidents can be changed and covered up very quickly by property owners, passers-by, the weather, and other factors, so these pictures might be the only hard evidence you have to support your claim.

What Were You Wearing?

If your accident was due to slipping on some spilled liquid or other substance on the floor, your accident attorney in Brooklyn will ask you to preserve the clothes and shoes you were wearing when the accident occurred. Even things as small as the debris left on your clothes or residue left on your shoes might prove to be useful evidence that the hazardous products were the cause of your slip-and-fall accident. To ensure proper preservation, store these items in a sealable plastic bag as soon as possible and, if you can, in the same condition they were in at the accident.

What Was the Cause of the Accident?

A common setting for slip-and-fall accidents is in supermarkets or grocery stores when someone trips over items left or spilled on the floor. In this case, the most critical piece of evidence for your claim is the actual object(s) that caused you to fall. Your Brooklyn slip-and-fall attorney will ask you to collect and preserve this item as well, and if you don’t have it, you should prepare a thorough description of the object.

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