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Bicycling is more popular than ever before. However, bicyclists face unique dangers and are particularly at risk if they collide with a car. If you’ve been injured in a bike accident, contact a Manhattan bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible for advice about your legal rights. We recovered $5,600,000 for a bicyclist who was hit by a van.

Collisions With Cars

Because a bicycle is small and light, and the rider is relatively unprotected, colliding with a car can cause severe injuries. Bicycles are sometimes hard for drivers to see and drivers may not realize a cyclist’s speed. Cars turning right or left at an intersection may create a hazard for a cyclist. In addition bicyclists should never ride against traffic.
Cyclists can take precautions by:

  • Increasing their visibility, by using lamps and brightly colored and reflective clothing.
  • Riding defensively.
  • Being constantly vigilant.
  • Learning to perform emergency movements to avoid collisions.

Determining Fault

Usually the vehicle (whether car or bike) that does not have the right-of-way is at fault for an accident. Thus, if there is a traffic signal, the vehicle that did not abide by the signal is likely at fault. If an intersection does not have a traffic signal, the vehicle that arrived at the intersection first usually has the right-of-way. A Manhattan bicycle accident attorney can give you specific advice about possible fault in an accident.

Road Hazards

Bicycles are also particularly susceptible to injury from road hazards. A bike’s lightweight, unsteadiness, and thin tires make it vulnerable to any changes in road conditions, due to such things as potholes, tree roots, sewer grates, and railroad tracks.
When a road hazard causes a bicycle accident, the most likely liable party is the state, county, or other governmental agency that is responsible for maintaining the road. To sue a government agency, you must take certain procedural steps in a short period of time. Contact a Manhattan bicycle accident attorney immediately for advice.

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