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A slip and fall claim may be filed if the person falls down, slips or trips due to the negligence of another individual or business and suffers some type of bodily injury as a result.

If you have been injured in slip and fall accident, it is imperative that you hire an experienced Manhattan slip and fall attorney to get you the just compensation to which you are entitled for the injuries you have suffered.

Overview of Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents are a specific type of premises liability case. These accidents generally occur when unsafe conditions cause a person to slip or trip and fall. Regardless of whether the fall occurs indoors or outdoors, the property owner can be held responsible for negligence if he or she failed to maintain a safe property.

Slip and fall accidents often result in serious injuries with damage that can cause profound lasting effects on the victim’s life. The costs involved in hospital stay, miscellaneous medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of wages or disability can be tremendous.

This is precisely why you need to hire a knowledgeable and aggressive Manhattan slip, trip and fall attorney to get you the just compensation you deserve.

Types of Manhattan Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall incidents can happen in different locations and may be caused by a variety of different dangerous conditions. The following are the most common slip and fall situations:

  • Slipping on spilled food or drink in a store
  • Tripping and falling on merchandise that has fallen from the shelves in a store
  • Slipping on ice or snow in a parking lot or on a sidewalk in front of a store or office building
  • Tripping and falling down defective stair with loose or worn handrails or defective steps

The Attorneys You Choose Can Make a Difference

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