New York Herniated Discs Lawyer

An individual who suffers a herniated disc resulting from an accident caused by another often can gain compensation with the help of a New York herniated disc lawyer. Herniated discs are painful and debilitating and, left untreated, can leave the victim unable to continue with daily activities such as work and recreation. A herniated disc is also called a ruptured disc or an extruded disc.

What Are Spinal Discs?

The discs are located in the spinal column, and provide shock absorption for the vertebrae. They provide an essential function by facilitating movement, particularly in the torso and back areas. Discs are small, flat, and round, and consist of an outer area comprised of ligaments which surrounds an inner, gelatinous core. A herniated disc is one that ruptures and pushes out of place. This often causes nerves to pinch. Given that the spinal column is the pathway through which nerve signals travel from all areas of the body to the brain, any compromise to the column can cause severe pain and complications.

Risk Factors for Disc Herniation

Herniated Discs
Age is a factor in disc herniation, as is excess weight. As one ages, discs lose their elasticity. Heavier individuals tend to place strain on their backs more, causing irritation to the discs. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can be a culprit. Repeated movements that place strain on the spine, repeated twisting, and falls are common causes. Workers who use equipment that vibrates, such as jack hammers, may suffer disc herniation. Even jobs that involve sitting for long period can lead to damage. More often, however, accidents play a significant role in the development of disc herniation, particularly falls and motor vehicle collisions.

When an accident victim meets with a New York herniated disc lawyer for the first time it is important that he or she explain precisely how the accident occurred which caused his or her condition. The lawyer will need to know the symptoms, and how the injury has affected his or her life. A victim often experiences tingling and numbness; pain resembling an electric shock; muscle weakness; and bladder control problems.

X-Rays May Not Show Herniation

One difficulty claimants have experienced in the past is that traditional X-rays often cannot show a herniated disc. Moreover, the condition used to be regarded with a degree of disdain and victims as hypochondriacs. Some defense lawyers even tried to suggest victims simply were imagining an injury that didn’t actually exist.

Herniated discs are very real, however, and they can be debilitating. Generally, a definitive diagnosis requires Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Other tests can be useful as well, but MRIs tend to be used most often nowadays. Treatment generally begins with a combination of analgesics and attention to relieving the pressure on the disc. The latter usually requires a discontinuation of physical activities for a time. Oral steroids, epidural steroids, and even surgery may be prescribed in more severe cases.

Costs of Herniated Discs

The medical tests and treatment of a herniated disc are expensive. Taking time off from work and life activities can take their tolls. If you have suffered a herniated disc due to an accident caused by another, it is important that you call a New York herniated disc lawyer right away.

Herniated or Slipped Disc Cases

Some disc injuries will leave people in constant pain for the rest of their lives and some will completely heal, but many allow for a claim to be made.

We represented a woman in suing the owners of a building after she slipped, fell and herniated a disc in her back. The woman had no medical treatment until one month after the accident, but we still obtained a $1,700,000 settlement. We take cases to trial when others would not, and we do everything we can to help you get the maximum recovery in your case.

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