Abogado de discos herniados en Nueva York

A person who suffers a herniated disc resulting from an accident caused by another can obtain compensation with the help of a New York attorney. Herniated discs are painful and debilitating and, left untreated, can leave the victim unable to continue with daily activities such as work and play. A herniated disc is also called a ruptured disc or an extruded disc.

What are spinal discs?

The discs are located in the spine, and provide shock absorption for the vertebrae. They provide an essential function by facilitating movement, especially in the torso and back areas. Discs are small, flat, and round, and consist of an outer area made up of ligaments that surround an inner, gelatinous core. A herniated disc is one that ruptures and pushes you out of place. This often causes the nerves to pinch. Given that the spine is the pathway through which nerve signals travel from all areas of the body to the brain, any involvement to the spine can cause severe pain and complications.

Risk factors for herniated disc

Age is a factor in herniated disc, as is excess weight. As one ages, the discs lose their elasticity. Heavier people tend to put pressure on their backs, causing irritation to the discs. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can be guilty. Repeated movements in the spine, repeated twisting, and falls are common causes. Workers who use vibrating equipment, such as jackhammers, can suffer a herniated disc. Even jobs that involve prolonged sitting can lead to injury. More often, however, accidents play a significant part in the development of herniated disc, particularly falls and motor vehicle collisions.

When an accident victim meets with a New York attorney for the first time, it is important that he or she accurately explain how the accident that caused their condition occurred. The attorney will need to know the symptoms, and how the injury has affected your life. A victim often experiences tingling and numbness; pain resembles an electric shock; muscular weakness; and bladder control problems.

X-rays do not always show hernias

One of the demanding difficulties experienced in the past is that traditional X-rays often cannot show a herniated disc. On the other hand, the condition that was previously regarded with a degree of disdain and victims as hypochondriacs. Some defense attorneys even tried to suggest victims were simply imagining an injury that doesn’t really exist.

Herniated discs are very real, however, and they can be debilitating. In general, the definitive diagnosis requires Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Other tests can be helpful as well, but MRIs tend to be used more often today. Treatment usually begins with a combination of pain relievers and attention to relieving pressure on the disc. The latter usually requires a break from physical activities for a time. Oral steroids, epidural steroids, and even surgery can be prescribed in more severe cases.

The costs of herniated discs

Las pruebas médicas y tratamiento de una hernia de disco son caros. Tomar tiempo libre del trabajo y actividades de la vida puede tomar sus peajes. Si usted ha sufrido una hernia de disco debido a un accidente causado por otro, es importante que llame a un abogado de hernia de disco en Nueva York enseguida.

Los casos de hernia de disco o deslizado

Algunas lesiones del disco dejarán personas con dolor constante para el resto de sus vidas y algunos se curan por completo, pero muchos permiten que un reclamo sea hecho.

Representamos a una mujer en la demanda contra los propietarios de un edificio después de que ella se deslizó, se cayó y hernia de un disco en su espalda. La mujer no tenía ningún tratamiento médico hasta un mes después del accidente, pero aún así obtuvo un arreglo de $ 1,700,000. Tomamos los casos a juicio cuando otros no lo haría, y hacemos todo lo posible para ayudarle a obtener la máxima recuperación en su caso.

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