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How Can a Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney
motorcycle accidents lawyer, car accidents lawyer, truck accidents lawyersWe at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm are dedicated to helping the victims and families of those injured or killed in accidents due to negligent actions. We have experience dealing with car, bus, truck, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents, among others.

The prevalence of accidents in the United States is astounding.  More than 5.5 million car crashes occurred in the country in 2009, and almost a third inflicted at least minor injuries on those involved. Drivers suffered two-thirds of those injuries. Less than 1% resulted in fatalities, but of those that did, more than 30% involved drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Accidents Happen for Many Reasons

Alcohol is easy blame for an accident, but the fact is that there are many other factors that contribute to negligent driving and disastrous accidents. These factors include:

  • Distraction: Drivers whose attention is elsewhere—on fiddling with the radio dial, or talking on their cell phone, or eating, or dealing with unruly children or pets, or looking at themselves in the rearview mirror—are all at risk for getting into, if not causing, a severe accident.
  • Mechanical failure: Vehicle malfunctions, especially on poorly maintained cars, can result in serious accidents. Engine failures or tire blowouts are especially hazardous.
  • Speeding: Speed limits are set for a reason, and drivers who drive in excess of the limit put themselves and others at needless risk.
  • Impairment: Besides alcohol, factors such as prescription drugs, illegal drugs, general fatigue or tiredness can also contribute to a driver being impaired and unable to focus on the road.
  • Road conditions: Inclement weather and hazards in the road such as debris or ice can make driving more dangerous than a driver might be accustomed to.
  • Road layout: Some roads are not well-maintained, are poorly lit, or poorly signed, which makes driving on them considerably more difficult, especially at night or for drivers not familiar with the area.
  • Regardless of what exactly contributed to an accident, most accidents are easily avoidable with sufficient caution and attention.

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