Bronx Slip and Fall Attorney

Bronx Slip and Fall Attorney

new york slip and fall attorney,slip and fall accident attorney,slip and fall attorneysThe success of any slip and fall claim is reliant on the physical evidence that is gathered, preserved and ultimately given to a Bronx slip and fall lawyer. Even the strongest slip and fall claims can be lost if the necessary evidence is not properly collected and preserved as quickly as possibly.

Documenting Evidence

One of the most important things you need to do after being involved in a slip and fall accident is to document as much evidence as possible. The best documentation, if possible, is photographing the scene of the accident and what actually caused you to slip and fall. Photographs are important because accident scenes can change rather quickly and pictures may be the only evidence that your Bronx slip and fall attorney will have to support your case.

Clothes and Shoes

If you fell and slipped as a result of spilt liquid or other such remains on the floor, your lawyer will also want you to preserve the clothes and shoes you wore at the time of the accident. The debris and substance left on your clothes and shoes can be used as physical evidence of the existence of hazardous products that ultimately caused your slip and fall accident. It is best to store these important pieces of evidence in a zip lock bag in the same condition as they were at the scene of accident.

Other Foreign Material

The most common types of slip and fall accidents occur in markets or stores over products or such items left on the floor. The most important pieces of evidence in such cases are the actual objects which caused you to fall to the ground. Your Bronx personal injury lawyer will need you to preserve such items as well. If you do not have these items, you should at least prepare a detailed description of what caused you to slip and fall.

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A Bronx slip and fall  lawyer can help you navigate the courtroom when you have been injured.

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