Bronx Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

The Bronx is a hotbed for construction, which also makes it vulnerable to numerous accidents, of which some of the most common are scaffolding accidents. Regardless of what caused your scaffolding accident, you should contact a Bronx scaffolding accident attorney to get the just compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

Who Is At Fault for Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding accidents are some of the most serious and catastrophic accidents that occur on construction worksites. Although some of these accidents can be avoided, even the most cautious workers get into scaffolding accidents because of the negligent actions of their employers, or general contractors, owners or subcontractors, etc.
Generally, common causes of scaffolding accidents in The Bronx occur as a result of:

  • Objects falling onto workers because they are not properly secured
  • Defective scaffolding or equipment that was not properly maintained by the employer or owner or general or subcontractors
  • The employer or owner’s failure to provide protective equipment to their workers
  • The improper installation of scaffolding
  • Inadequate inspection
  • Violation of safety standards

But regardless of what caused your scaffolding accident, if you suffered personal injuries, you should contact a Bronx scaffolding accident lawyer to help you file a claim to get the just compensation to which you are entitled.

Injuries Caused By Scaffolding Accidents

The injuries resulting from scaffolding accidents vary depending on the nature of the accident. Scaffoldings that are not properly maintained can result in a slip and fall, causing injuries such as broken or fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injury, or even wrongful death. If such accidents occur, the victim should immediately contact an experienced New York injury attorney like Kenneth A. Wilhelm.
Tools and equipment can and easily do slip off of scaffoldings, resulting in blunt impacts to the workers’ heads. Although hardhats provide some protection, they do not always prevent injury, especially when a heavy object falls.
Burns are also a common scaffolding accident injury. Painters, electricians and other workers often work close to live wires on scaffoldings. A scaffolding malfunction can result in electrical shock or lead to an explosion or fire that will result in serious burns.

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