Bronx Rape Injury Lawyer

Bronx Rape Injury Lawyer
personal injury attorney, new york personal injury attorneysRape is a traumatic experience that leaves a permanent mark on the victim’s life. It is normal for victims of rape to feel a range of emotions, from embarrassment and fear to hopelessness and anger. Victims may fear for their lives and not know where to turn or what to do. At the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm, we provide effective legal counsel that these victims need to begin putting their lives back together. We will hold the negligent parties including the property owner who failed to properly secure the premises to prevent such attacks liable. We recovered $800,000 for one rape victim and $2,500,000 for another rape victim.

Filing Civil Lawsuit against a Rape Offender

Rape victims are not limited to only criminal retribution. If you are a rape victim, you should hire a Bronx rape injury attorney to also file a civil lawsuit. A civil lawsuit imposes financial penalties on the at fault parties who contributed to the harm done to you, also known as the defendant(s).

A civil lawsuit will not erase the act of rape and make the pain go away. But the personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm will fight to get you the just compensation that you need to help pay for the medical costs and therapy bills associated with the injuries caused by the rape. In other words, we may help you to rebuild your life and begin to move forward.

Double Jeopardy Does Not Apply

Civil and criminal court proceedings operate independently of one another. As such, in addition to the prosecution’s criminal case, we can pursue civil penalties without it being considered double jeopardy. The defendant will face the criminal penalties as well as the payment of financial compensation, if possible.

Intrusions and Rapes

Individuals expect a level of safety within the confines of their homes and in certain private and public places. Unfortunately, a property owner’s failure to properly maintain safety devices on their property can lead to life-threatening attacks, including rapes.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm, our Bronx rape injury attorneys represent individuals who have been victims of rape in what they expected to be secure buildings. Our lawyers have the knowledge, expertise and resources to aggressively fight and get you the just compensation that you deserve from the responsible parties.

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