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Were you or a loved one suffer brain damage due to negligence?

You may be entitled to a personal injury settlement.

Brain damage cases involve various types of traumatic injury to the brain and its functioning.  At the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm, we do whatever we can to protect the rights of victims and their families.  Our cases generally revolve around accidents related to a fall, a car accident, violence, reactions to prescription drugs, or medical malpractice, among others.  Most traumatic brain injuries are caused by preventable automobile accidents that occur because of another person’s recklessness, carelessness or negligence.

Voted Top 100 Lawyers - Read MoreIn one case, we achieved a $1,800,000 settlement for an infant who suffered brain damage and other injuries because doctors at Harlem Hospital were negligent during delivery. In another, a woman who was struck by a car and suffered brain damage and a non-functioning foot received $800,000, which was a large sum in 1984 when the case was settled.

Effects of Brain Damage

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with brain damage, the effects can vary between physical, cognitive, and emotional changes, and their severity will depend on the location and extent of the damage.  Focal brain damage is confined to a specific area of the brain, which is usually the area affected upon an impact.  Diffuse brain damage (the most common injury) is the result of the brain moving back and forth inside the skull, causing damage to many areas.  The sections of the brain that control speech and language are often affected in these cases.

Cases of brain injury can impair the victims’ vision, hearing, and eyesight, in addition to negatively affecting their motor skills and ability to process information.  Survivors often have difficulty concentrating, solving problems, making decisions, processing new information, organizing thoughts, and relating to others.  These effects are life altering and severely diminish the quality of life for victims and their families.  Our firm believes such victims should be appropriately compensated for this.  We passionately believe in the rights of our clients and will do everything we can to help them get the monetary damages they deserve.

Brain Damage Cases

If you or someone you know has suffered brain injury due to the reckless, careless or negligent actions of others, you should contact us immediately.

At the Law Offices Kenneth A. Wilhelm, we will inform you of your rights and guide you through the process.  Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-WORK-4-YOU (1-800967-5496) to schedule your free consultation.

Listen to Some of Our Previous Clients:

-Nicholas Ross

“I would recommend anyone to the law offices of Kenneth Wilhelm, they have been great to me.”

-Kerwin Park

“My vehicle was hit from behind by a driver who was talking on a cell phone. After the accident, while no visual injury on me could be seen, I began to have severe headaches, ear pain and noticeable loss in hearing. My automobile insurance company was of no help and actually canceled payments to my pain management doctors. Local law firms in my area were unwilling to help me citing no-fault boiler plate text. I called the Law Offices of Kenneth Wilhelm after seeing a television ad detailing their services. An associate came to my house THAT DAY to discuss my case. From that point on, every aspect of the case was handled for me. I settled my case with the driver’s insurance for a substantial sum in a very short amount of time. This was my first automobile accident. I hope to never be in another one. But if I do, I know who I will have representing my interests. Thank you Mr. Wilhelm.”

– Michael Z.
Montebello, New York

Example Recoveries:

$43,940,000 – A hospital did not diagnose fetal distress on a pregnant woman appropriately or expeditiously which led to the baby’s permanent injuries of brain damage and cerebral palsy from lack of oxygen to the brain. There was a delay in diagnosing fetal distress and in ordering a caesarean section delivery. The delay caused a reduction in oxygen to the baby’s brain. The defense attorneys contended that the baby’s injuries were caused by his prematurity and not by the lack of oxygen to the brain and they contended that the obstetrical care was appropriate. A $43,940,000 verdict was recovered for the family.
Our firm worked with another firm to reach this verdict. The verdict was so huge that it was reduced to $7,000,000 on appeal.

$23,500,000 – Doctors departed from proper medical procedures in allowing a resident to handle the birth of the child and for negligently not informing the infant’s mother of a urinary tract infection they had tested her for weeks earlier. The mother visited the doctor twice before she went into labor prematurely, but was not treated for the urinary tract infection. The mother was not seen by a doctor for several hours and the emergency caesarean was done in an untimely manner. Additionally, the resident that was allowed to handle the delivery was said to have applied too much pressure on the infant’s head, causing trauma to the head and bleeding in the brain. The result was a baby born with severe mental retardation and cerebral palsy.
Our firm worked with another firm to reach this verdict. The verdict was so huge that it was reduced to $5,400,000 on appeal.

$6,750,000 – Our firm worked with another firm to reach this settlement.

$5,600,000 – The victim was rendered paraplegic and suffered brain damage as a result of being struck by a vehicle. The victim’s brother who was present at the accident stated that the victim caused the accident by making a quick left. Furthermore, a blood alcohol test administered to him at the hospital showed his blood alcohol level to exceed the legal limit. The defense claimed that the victim did not wear a helmet. A biomechanical expert was hired to determine that a helmet did not extend down to cover the area of his skull that was fractured, and thus wearing it could not have prevented the victim’s injuries. A fracture to the back of his head indicated that he was hit in the rear by a motor vehicle, and his hospital records showed no injuries to his left side of the body, which should have existed if he had indeed made a quick left. Despite major challenges to this case, settlement of more than 93% of all available insurance was obtained.

$3,222,000 – A man jumped in front of an oncoming subway train. The opposing side of the case claimed that the man was trying to kill himself. We sued the subway system and recovered a verdict of $3,222,000.

$2,100,000 – A motor vehicle was struck while an 80 year old woman was sitting in the passenger seat. Despite her advanced age, we recovered $2,100,000 during trial.

$1,846,000 – A verdict was recovered for a child who born with Erb’s Palsy (injury to the arm at birth). This was the highest result that was ever upheld in New York State and remained so for many, many years after.

$750,000 – A 13 year old girl was bitten by a dog, and we recovered $750,000 for her. The judge who approved the amount had difficulty even seeing the scar.

$713,000 – This verdict, plus interest, was for a child who had broken fingers. The defense offered only $125,000 before the trial. Three weeks before the appealed decision came down, the defense offered only $190,000. The end result was $713,000. This was the highest amount ever upheld by the Appellate Court in New York state for this type of injury.

$600,000 – A man was riding a bicycle and passed a red light. He collided with a car and he soon died. There were three witnesses against us and we had no one to testify because our client had died. We got $600,000 for the family.

$400,000 – A hole on a stairway was covered by a throw rug causing a service technician to trip, fall and fracture his right foot while on the job.

$215,000 – Recovery for a client who suffered injuries due to a slip and fall

$75,000 – We successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of a woman who was struck in the head by a tool as she was walking along a sidewalk in New York City about three months ago. She suffered a concussion and had to take five days of treatment for it.

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