New York Scarring Lawyer

scars from burn accidents

A New York scarring lawyer can often help victims of accidents caused by other individuals. Scars can be the embarrassing and even debilitating side-effects of injury accidents. They can leave victims with mobility problems, and cause serious psychological damage.

Scars are extremely common. Unfortunately, even when a victim receives compensation for injuries, the issue of scarring is sometimes neglected in the settlement. This is because often it is difficult to predict how significant and lasting scarring may be until the injuries heal. For this reason, it is important from the outset for a New York scarring lawyer to build a claim that is inclusive.

Accidents Which Cause Scars

Scars can result from a wide range of accidents. A vehicle accident that causes any significant degree of injury will likely cause scarring. A motorcyclist or bicyclist who is struck almost certainly will suffer scars. Dog bite attacks in many cases leave victims with severe scarring to the legs, arms, and face. Falls and workplace injuries are often culprits as well.

Burn Scars

Among of the more devastating scarring injuries are those which result from fires. Victims can receive painful burns that produce severe and lasting disfigurement. Often plastic surgery is used, but even the advanced procedures available today cannot always remove the effects of fire scarring. Victims who otherwise were fortunate enough to heal may feel like outcasts, stared at wherever they go. They may resort to staying indoors, away from public places.

Indeed, mental injury is a very real component of scar injuries, particularly among women and children. In a world which increasingly focuses on outer beauty disfiguring scars can cause deep psychological wounds. A person’s social and love life can be damaged. And although employers would be loath to admit it, visible scars often impact a person’s promotion or hiring opportunities.

Three types of scars are recognized:

  • Hypertrophic scars are raised and red, and are confined to the area of the original injury.
  • Keloid scars extend beyond the edges of the original injury, and often impair movement.
  • Contracture scars occur when skin is damaged by burns. They can affect nerves and muscles and also may hamper movement in the area affected.

Treatments for Scarring

Treatments do exist, but those that are most effective help prevent the scars from forming in the first place. Anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids may be of some benefit. Medications such as antibiotic creams are often prescribed to help prevent infection, which is common with damaged tissues. At times skin grafts and other surgeries are beneficial in the removal of scars. All this costs money, of course, which is one reason it is important for victims of accidents to contact a New York scarring lawyer and begin the process of a claim as soon as possible.

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