Electrocution Dangers on New York Construction Sites

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Transformer Construction SiteThere are a number of electrocution dangers on any given construction site. It is crucial that construction companies and contractors take steps to limit the potential for electrocution accidents. Any construction worker who is injured in an electrocution incident would be well advised to contact an experienced New York construction accident lawyer about their legal rights and options.
It is common for electrocution accidents to involve workers who are not aware of the hazards they face. Electricians are trained to avoid electricity-related accidents, but many construction workers are placed in similar hazardous conditions without the required training. Touching the wrong wire, cutting in the wrong area and standing on a wet surface can increase the chance of an electrocution.
Faulty wiring, a lack of safety training, defective equipment and a failure to provide adequate safety devices and defective equipment can all lead to an electrical accident. Some of the most devastating electrocution accidents result from workers making contact with a power line. Workers on ladders, scaffolds and aerial lifts are often in danger of these types of construction site accidents.
Victims of serious electrocution accidents may suffer heart failure, organ damage, deep tissue burns, neurological complications or even death. The financial, physical and emotional damages suffered by electrocution victims and their families can be catastrophic. Workers compensation insurance helps victims and their families recover losses including, but not limited to medical bills, funeral costs, lost income and rehabilitation costs. In cases where the accident involved negligence, additional compensation may be available through civil litigation.
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