Road Traffic Accidents

road-traffic-accidentsEvery year, more automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles glut the roads and highways, competing for space and jockeying for position. Frustrated drivers may become careless or distracted, the result of which all too often is an accident.
New York traffic injury attorneys see large numbers of clients who have fallen prey to another’s negligence on the road. 2009 statistics for New York tell a sad tale of devastated lives:

  • 3,081 traffic deaths
  • 950 DUI-related fatalities
  • 950 motorcycle crash deaths
  • 563 pedestrian deaths
  • 109 bicycle fatalities

How Frequent Are Accidents?

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that collisions occur at a rate close to one per minute in New York. Every 2 ½ hours, a victim dies. And while accident rates have declined somewhat since 2009, there are still far too many needless serious injuries and deaths.
Drivers who take to the road while intoxicated are a perennial nightmare. Speeding is also a large contributor to road traffic accidents. But among the growing problems are drivers who engage in distracting activities. Eating a mega-burger while trying to negotiate 65 mph traffic can’t possibly be safe. Neither is using a hands-on device. Many drivers lose control and crash while texting; some accidents have even occurred when drivers were typing on their computers.

Children Are at Risk

What is most disturbing about road traffic accidents, however, is the prevalence of children who fall victim. The Centers for Disease Control report that each hour of the day 150 children suffer injuries in traffic accidents serious enough to require emergency care. Indeed, more children under age 19 die in crashes than from any other types of injuries. Bereaved parents seek assistance from New York traffic injury attorneys to receive financial compensation, but nothing can replace the loss of a child.

Laws to Reduce Accidents

Laws have been enacted which, if followed, can save lives. Many states do not allow drivers to use hands-on devices. Seat belts are required just about everywhere. Very young children are required to be specially seated in cars. However, it is ultimately up to drivers, themselves, to maintain an awareness of everything around them. You should always leave yourself an out. Avoid driving next to other vehicles. Try to anticipate problems that may occur, and look ahead. Finally, if you are injured in an accident due to the fault or negligence or someone else, call a New York traffic injury attorney.
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