SUV Rollover Attorney

Why Are SUVs Dangerous?SUVs have made their way into the fabric of the family; they are almost archetypical elements of middle class America these days. Few families seem to be without an SUV, yet statistics show that these vehicles are among the most likely to roll over and cause severe injuries in crashes.

Why Are SUVs Dangerous?

Top-heavy, with narrow tire tracks, SUVs are hazardous by their very design. The fact that rollovers account for over half of single vehicle accident deaths on U.S. highways each year should give one pause. There are, indeed, a full 11,000 roll-over injury accidents each year.

A horrific incident in April, 2012 stands as a testament to the dangers of SUV vehicles. While investigators cite hazards inherent in the road design of the area, seven members of a family became airborne off a road and fell sixty feet into a remote area of the Bronx Zoo. The SUV landed on its roof, which crumpled on impact, killing the occupants. Unfortunately, SUV rollover lawyers see situations like these all too often.

Roof Collapses

One design issue with SUVs does in fact involve weak roofs that are prone to collapse on rollover. Among the common causes of these accidents are sharp turns, especially at high speeds, and control issues, especially in inclement weather conditions. The high weight distribution of these vehicles causes them to be unstable, so that adding an additional hazard, such as a pothole or sharp curve in the road, renders them dangerous indeed.

Serious Injuries Caused by SUV Rollovers

SUV rollover lawyers see many serious injuries. Back and spine injuries can occur; many survivors have been left permanently paralyzed. Moreover, brain injuries are among the more frequent outcomes. When an accident occurs, then, the potential for disability is high. A New York personal injury attorney can help you gain compensation for your losses. While nothing can make up for permanent impairment, recovering costs of medical care and physical therapy can help you financially, as well as a large award for pain and suffering if justified.

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