Liability for Defective Power Tool Injuries

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Power Tool InjuriesNew York construction sites are inherently dangerous. Some of the most common accidents that occur at construction sites include crane accidents, scaffolding collapses, cave-ins, falls and electrocutions. Another potential hazard that all construction workers may have to deal with is defective power tools. Powerful and dangerous tools that are used on every construction site, when defective, can malfunction and cause serious injuries or even fatalities.
Tools that have a history of being defective include belt sanders, grinders, circular saws, welding tools, nail guns, drills, and rechargeable batteries. In the past few years, DeWalt recalled saws that had blade guards that failed to close. Stihl recalled 2 million power tools for fire and burn dangers and Milwaukee Electric Tool Company recalled about 1 million Power Tool batteries that posed serious laceration risks. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) attempts to regulate all potentially dangerous power tools, but it is common for a number of injuries to be suffered before a defective product is actually recalled.Injuries that may be caused by defective power tools include lacerations, amputations, broken bones, burns and electrocution. It is the obligation of power tool manufacturers to provide safe products. It is the responsibility of contractors and employers to provide their workers with tools that have been properly maintained and are in proper working order.

When a power tool injures a New York construction worker, compensation may be available through both, workers compensation insurance as well as through third party claims. An experienced New York construction accident attorney can help an injured worker better understand how to pursue compensation for damages including, but not limited to medical expenses, lost wages and past and future pain and suffering.
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