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How to Explain a Traumatic Brain Injury at Trial

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Traumatic Brain InjuryIn order for a Queens brain injury attorney to successfully demonstrate how the brain is injured in an accident to a jury during trial, he needs to clearly explain the mechanism of the brain in terms the jury can understand. This is a complex task that demands the attorney to be experienced and have requisite knowledge of how the brain works.

Explaining the Mechanism of the Brain

The brain is a delicate structure that floats in the skull in a sea of cerebrospinal fluid. Although the skull’s function is to shield the brain from outside forces, it does not provide the necessary protective barrier that the brain needs to protect it from serious accidents.

The skull is strong and hard, but the sharp ridge and edge linings can cause damage to the vulnerable brain when outside forces cause the brain to move forward, backward or rotate in the closed cavity. The forceful movement in an accident can propel the brain against these sharp edges inside the skull, causing bruising, bleeding and destruction of nerve cells.

For example, when a car comes to a sudden stop in an accident, the passenger or driver is thrust forward, suddenly coming to a stop inside the vehicle. The brain, however, suspended within the skull, does not stop moving immediately, but continues to move until it strikes the interior ridges of the forward aspects of the skull. This sudden movement or rotation can also cause the nerve fibers to stretch or sever. Each type of movement causes a different type of injury.

To better explain the mechanism of the brain and what happens during an accident, the Queens brain injury attorney may consider using diagrams or a replica of the brain.

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