Accidents Involving Mopeds

New York’s streets are infamous for congestion. Consequently, a large percentage of individuals making their ways among the city’s maze of roads each day opt for a public form of transport, whether bus, subway, train, or, for the well-heeled, taxi. However, an increasing number of commuters are moving toward a hold-over from the ‘70s in the form of scooters and mopeds. Unfortunately, the many injury cases reaching the desks of New York moped accident attorneys can attest to the fact that this renewed use of small two-wheelers has brought a significant number of injuries.

How Safe Are Scooters?

moped-scooter-accident-attorneyOne may find an irony in the fact that the developer of a relatively new form of scooter, the Segway, died while operating his invention, driving it off a cliff and into a river. Segways, scooters, and Vespa mopeds may seem a great way to get around in traffic. One may even feel pleased in operating a vehicle which is relatively “green.”

However, just as with Jimi Heselden – the brain behind the Segway – riders are finding their ways into emergency rooms at increasing rates.
Contributing to the problem is the fact that while the mopeds of the 1970s were relatively gutless, design improvements have made these vehicles much faster. Mopeds are much like their larger counterparts, motorcycles, for their lack of surrounding protection in case of an accident.

Common causes of moped accidents include excessive speed, inattentive operation, poor road surfaces such as potholes, inclement weather, and impairment. Moreover, just as with motorcycles, many motorists simply don’t see mopeds coming. These motorists are used to looking for car-sized obstacles, not scooter-sized ones. Even if they see a moped, they may misjudge its speed or distance.

Common Moped Injuries

Among the more common injuries New York moped accident attorneys see are broken bones, fractures, back and spine injuries, and trauma to the head. Some injuries heal with time, but others have permanent, life-altering effects. Helmets should always be worn by moped operators. However, even when they use safety equipment and drive defensively, moped riders are among the most vulnerable individuals on the road.

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