Falls on Debris

falls-on-debrisConstruction work often produces a tremendous amount of debris. Entire truckloads of debris are routinely hauled away to the dump as beams are cut to size, electricians install wiring, and drywall is nailed in place. It can be a challenge keeping up with the amount of debris that is produced; however, it is vital that clean-up crews do so, for otherwise injuries are bound to occur.

Common Injuries

Injuries incurred when workers fall onto debris are actually quite common. New York slip and fall accident attorneys handle clients who seek legal assistance for a wide range of injuries, including broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments, and even spinal injuries. A worker who falls onto a sharp object may also suffer an eye injury if his face makes contact with debris. The risk of becoming impaled is rather high as well; falling upon a large shard of glass or sharp piece of metal can lead to significant damage to internal organs.

What Objects Cause These Injuries?

Among the myriad other objects that commonly are strewn about the ground as debris at a construction site are nails, and wood with nails sticking out; pieces of roofing and drywall; wiring; cut rebar; broken blocks of cement; and sharp tools, such as saws. Liquid debris is often mixed with these objects to produce a slippery surface. If a worker is careful enough not to trip over a length of wiring or broken board, he may slip and fall because of grease, especially if it is hidden beneath other debris. If a construction site is hazardous like this, New York slip and fall accident attorneys will advise an injured worker to pursue an injury claim to get compensation for their injuries.

Safety Measures

Clearly, the ideal way of preventing fall injuries from debris is to keep the work area clean. Tight deadlines can lead to contractors taking chances, however. Workers may become complacent when they avoid injuries amid a site strewn with debris; however, it takes only a single misstep or moment of carelessness to place a worker in the hospital. When this occurs, there is little left to do but to contact New York slip and fall accident attorneys.

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