Insurance Bad Faith Claims: Getting the Compensation That You Deserve

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When you purchase a car insurance policy, you expect your insurance company to stand behind you when you are involved in a serious accident. Unfortunately, all too often this is not the case. Far too many insurance providers go to great lengths to avoid paying legitimate claims.
insurance-bad-faith-claim If you or a loved has been the victim of bad faith tactics by your insurance carrier, you should contact an experienced New York bad faith claim attorney as you may be entitled to huge compensation.
What Is Insurance Bad Faith?
Insurance bad faith is categorized as either a first party insurance claim or third party insurance claim. A first party insurance bad faith claim involves a situation where your insurance carrier refuses to pay a reasonable claim or refuses to properly investigate a claim in a timely manner.
A third party insurance bad faith claim involves a situation where your insurance carrier fails to defend you, indemnify or settle a claim within your policy limits without a reasonable basis or without properly and timely defending the claim.
Different Insurance Companies Can Act In Bad Faith
There are different ways your insurance company can act in bad faith to deny a legitimate claim. Some common ways include:

  • Denying that your valid claim is covered under your insurance policy
  • Delaying the investigation of your valid claim
  • Delaying the payment of your claim
  • Only paying partial benefits for your claim
  • Compelling you to contribute to settlement
  • Failing to disclose policy limits upon your approval
  • Failing to Timely pay a proper claim.

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