Five Ways to Prevent Stairway Accidents

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Stairway accident Stairways in New York City buildings tend to be ubiquitous given that most commercial and residential buildings in the city are multi level. While stairs serve an important purpose, they are inherently dangerous. A number of people are seriously injured or even killed in New York City each year as a result of stairway accidents. Most people fall on stairs because of tripping or slipping hazards. These are accidents and injuries that can and should be averted. 

Prevention is Key
Here are five ways in which stairway accidents can be prevented:
1. Non-slippery surface: It is important to have a non-slippery surface such as rubber or a special slip-resistant paint on each of the steps or at least on its leading edges. This can help reduce the risk of slipping on stairs.
2. Proper Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the stairs can help reduce tripping or slipping hazards as well. Repair any uneven, broken or loose steps as soon as possible. If your stairs have carpeting, make sure it is firmly in place with no tears or loose spots.
3. Good visibility: Make sure a light is installed over the stairway with a switch at the top and the bottom. Improving visibility on stairs significantly reduces the risk for common mishaps. Lack of proper visibility can cause someone to trip on a step or miss it completely. An individual may catch a heel on the edge of the step. Such accidents are a common cause of twisted ankles, sprains, strains or other serious injuries triggered by falls.
4. Handrails: The primary function of the handrail is for holding as support while going up or down the stairs. When it comes to handrails, aesthetics should not compromise functionality. Property owners must ensure that a handrail is secured to the wall. Loose or broken handrails must be repaired right away.
5. Clear debris: Do not let clutter pile up on the stairs. Do not place any objects on steps and make sure that any objects on landings do not distract or obstruct.
Compensation for Injured Victims
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