Like dentists, dental errors are caused by dentists who have acted carelessly, recklessly and carelessly and have injured the patient. Neglect is a lack of proper care that a reasonable person should provide under the same circumstances. Dentists have an obligation to provide the care that is required by the profession they provide.

Kenneth A. Wilhelm’s Attorney’s Office knows what mistakes dentists can make and the damage they can cause. In our office, we will do our best to provide you with the greatest possible compensation.

The cases we won include:

∙ injury to the nerve responsible for the sense of taste

A nerve injury that causes the tongue to become insensitive (complete or partial)

∙ complications caused by careless filling of the fillings and bridges

∙ do not take the patient’s history into account

∙ failure to detect serious diseases such as cancer

∙ complications after anesthesia

∙ removal of a tooth unnecessarily

∙ removal of the wrong tooth


At Kenneth A. Wilhelm’s attorney’s office, we understand that the pain from a dentist can affect many areas of your life.

If you or someone close to you is injured as a result of a dentist’s negligence or recklessness, the Kenneth A. Wilhelm Law Office has a team of experienced solicitors who will work hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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