Abogado de Accidente de Avión Nueva York

It is often said that taking an airplane is safer than traveling in a car. No matter how much certainty you receive, however, the fact is that while plane crashes are relatively rare, they are almost always fatal. When an accident occurs, survivors or their family members will need a New York plane crash lawyer to help them receive compensation.

Commercial Flights and Private Aircraft

Most of the plane crashes that make the national news involve commercial jets. In fact, private plane accidents are much more common. A highly publicized accident involved New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle, who, along with his flight instructor, lost his life when his Cirrus crashed into a Manhattan skyscraper. Lidle’s family sued the plane’s manufacturer for its improper design, while those who suffered property damage sued Lidle’s insurer. Ultimately, the courts determined that pilot error was the cause of the accident, and a $ 2 million settlement was reached between the insurer and the plaintiffs.

This case well illustrates the tragic consequences of one of the most common causes of air accidents – pilot error – and how the lawsuits can become complex. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is given the power to thoroughly investigate all fatal air crashes, but due to financial constraints or political motivation, many small air crashes receive only cursory review. Then through a New York airplane accident attorney a client can obtain the benefit of a more thorough investigation.

What Causes Business Accidents?

A survey conducted in 2006 concluded that 51% of commercial airline accidents are due to pilot error, with mechanical failure (21%), timing (11%), and air traffic controller error (8 %), which represent the majority of the others. It should be noted, however, that not all airplane accidents involve crashes. Many passengers are injured when there is turbulence and the plane loses altitude or service cars can trip an individual who returns to his seat, throwing him to the ground, a flight attendant can spill hot coffee on a passenger and, in addition, sudden descents and forced landings They can cause decompression injuries, broken bones, and back, head, and neck injuries.