Claims for whiplash injuries

Whiplash Injury attorney
Whiplash refers to a set of injuries that can occur in tendons, ligaments, and neck muscles. Often, whiplash attorneys in New York work with clients who have been rear-ended in vehicle accidents, but these types of injuries can occur from sports, falls and physical aggressions. When a patient visits a doctor for whiplash, often a CT scan or MRI is given to determine the extent of the injury. X-rays are ineffective, since these soft-tissue lesions do not appear in the images.

The term «whiplash» is actually a bit outdated, although it is still widely used. Medical specialists most often use «cervical strain or strain» or «hypertension damage» when referring to this type of injury. This can be important when you are in court testimony, although your New York whiplash injury lawyer will undoubtedly help you understand the issues in your case.

What factors make lashings more severe?

The severity of a whiplash injury can vary greatly. In fact, specialists have suggested that factors such as general physical condition, posture, age and gender are factors that can affect the extent of the injury. In general, doctors initially prescribe rest and ice packs, along with an anti-inflammatory medication. As the victim’s injuries convalesce a physiotherapist, and maybe even a chiropractor will be hired to help with the healing process.

From a legal point of view, cases of whiplash are becoming increasingly difficult to win.

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