Do you suffer an injury after a fall from a ladder?

A fall from a relatively short ladder can leave a worker with a serious injury, even paralysis. And although many occupations use ladders, such as electricians, painters, roofers and carpenters, none fits exactly with the dangers of ladder falls that occur in the construction industry. .

An accident lawyer can help

Ladder Accident AttorneyThe New York ladder accident lawyers are well aware of these dangers. Some offices even focus their practice on falls from construction stairs. This is surely due in part to the fact that construction areas are more likely to cause fall accidents. The Centers for Disease Control reports that more than 30,000 Americans are injured in escalator accidents each year. In 2006, 21,647 people died from falling down stairs. While these numbers reflect the population totals as a whole, falls are the leading cause of injury and death among construction workers.

Security ladder in homes and construction sites

The lack of compliance with the safety standards of the Health Administration (OSHA) and the Occupational Safety and Health of the State of New York is the cause of some of these numbers. Often workers are not well trained in the correct and safe use of ladders. Contractors are often reluctant to waste time training them – sometimes because following safety rules would delay the project. In fact, the pressure to get a job quickly is an important factor in ladder accidents

Occupational Health and Safety Administration guidelines dictate that before the start of any shift, ladders and other equipment should always be inspected for damage or hazards by the responsible parties. A broken or bent step can be deadly. OSHA also indicates that the bottom of an extension ladder must either be secured or held by another worker. For jobs that require heights, workers must be supplied with harnesses, straps, and restraining straps.

Who enforces the security regulation?

Along with OSHA, the agencies that regulate and enforce safety on construction sites are the New York City Building Department, the Board of Standards and Appeals, and the Legislature. Contractors, managers and owners are given the responsibility to ensure that accidents such as falling stairs are prevented as much as reasonably possible. Most aspects of the building code are not known to workers who are most directly affected.
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