Lawyer in New York of defective machines

Defective Machine LawsuitsWhether from defective design, inferior quality construction, or defective safety guidelines, all too often, serious injuries and even death result from defective products, machines, tools or equipment.

A New York mechanical defects lawyer can tell you that these types of injuries fall under the umbrella of product liability. The companies that manufacture and / or sell machines are legally obliged to guarantee that their products are reasonably safe. In general, in order to have a viable product liability claim there must be a flaw in the design, manufacture, or marketing.

A design flaw is in many ways the most potentially serious, a product can be dangerous to anyone who uses it. A notable example of design flaw was the famous Ford Pinto . The positioning of the gas tank was determined to greatly increase the likelihood of the car being exploited. In fact, serious injuries and deaths occurred due to the faulty design, and the car was eventually recalled.

A manufacturing defect can occur with a specific unit of a machine or in its workforce. If the purchase of a new car and immediately have mechanical problems, would be considered a «lemon», which basically means that it is an aberration in what otherwise can be a quality product.

Marketing defects generally occur when the buyer is not sufficiently informed about the potential risk of harm when using a product in the way it was intended. The area of ​​marketing defects also covers situations in which the buyer is not provided with information about the safety of the product, such as a manual.

If you were injured on the job or off work while operating a machine that may have a claim in one of the three product liability areas. Your defective machine lawyer in New York can help you determine when you can file a claim for product liability, as well as demand for worker’s compensation.

In the event that you are injured while operating a machine that you have purchased or used at work, you may be able to obtain compensation for your loss, as well as file a lawsuit against the machine manufacturer.

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