New York Personal Injury Lawyer Obtains $2,550,000 Settlement in Car Accident Case

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Settlement in Car AccidentThe personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm obtained a $2,550,000 settlement for a man who was injured in a car versus truck accident. The case, which we recently settled, involved a passenger who was traveling in a vehicle driven by his wife. Their car at the time had four traffic controls against it including a stop sign, two flashing red lights, which are the equivalent of stop signs, and a stop line. The collision occurred when a truck that was coming from the car’s right going toward its left, crashed with the car carrying the man and his wife.
Challenging Case
After a great deal of litigation, the judge hearing the case in effect dismissed it saying that the vehicle in which our client was a passenger, was 100 percent responsible for causing the crash. The judge determined that the truck driver was 100 percent free of fault in this case. The injured person in this case was not allowed to recover directly against his wife who was driving the vehicle in which he was a passenger.
We took the one option before us – to sue the truck owner and driver. The judge ruled that the truck owner and driver were not at all at fault, not even 1 percent. Despite this court ruling, we were able to get the trucking firm’s insurance company to settle for $2,500,000 and we were able to get the insurance company for the car in which the victim was a passenger to offer the full $50,000 policy.
This was a particularly challenging case for our firm because of the fact that the judge determined our client’s wife to be 100 percent at fault. We believe the result we were able to secure here for our client exemplifies the persistence of effort that we bring to each and every one of our cases. Each member of our personal injury attorney team is committed to fighting for our clients every single step of the way.
NYC Car Accident Cases
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