Baby Allegedly Dies from Injuries Suffered in Forceps Delivery

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New born baby injuries suffered in forceps deliveryA 5-day-old infant died from birth injuries after her skull and spine were allegedly cracked with forceps during delivery. According to a report in The New York Daily News, the baby girl sustained a cracked skull and broken spine after the obstetrician allegedly refused to perform a C-section. The report states that during the labor, which lasted over 18 hours, the baby’s heart rate increased and she began to face the wrong way.
The parents say the doctor attempted to turn the baby with his hands, and when that failed he used forceps and crushed the baby’s skull. It was then that the mother was rushed into an emergency C-section, but it was too late. The baby suffered numerous fractures and was unable to breathe. According to the report, the parents do not blame the hospital, but the doctor who refused to perform the C-section.

Complications During Labor and Delivery
Complications during labor and delivery are rather common. It is the responsibility of the doctor, hospital and medical staff to react to these critical situations in a competent manner. When the mother is having difficulty pushing the baby out, for example, a doctor has to choose if he or she should use forceps to ease the delivery. This is a difficult decision because the improper use of forceps can result in nerve damage, brain damage, bone fractures and cerebral palsy.
Forceps are metal instruments that fit around a baby’s head allowing the doctor to reposition or pull gently. This is typically only done when the baby is in fetal distress, when the baby is abnormally positioned or when the mother is struggling to push.
Compensation for Victims and Families
Birth injuries can leave children with permanent disabilities or in worst-case scenarios, result in the death of the child. In cases where the birth injuries have occurred due to the negligence or incompetence of a doctor or hospital staff, victims’ families can seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.
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Source: New York Daily News

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