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Here Are Some of the Most Common Reasons to Opt for a C-Section

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One in three births in the United States involve Cesarean Sections or C-sections, where babies are surgically removed from the mother’s womb through an incision that is made in the mother’s abdomen. A woman may opt to have a C-section or a C-section may become medically essential for the safety of the mother and child. […]

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Cesarean Sections or C-Sections: Frequently Asked Questions

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A Cesarean section, which is commonly known as a C-section, is an increasingly accepted way of delivering a baby when dealing with a complication or emergency with the mother or child to prevent any complications that might arise during a vaginal delivery. This procedure is followed especially when certain risk factors are present. C-sections themselves […]

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Prolonged Labor and Birth Injuries

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 Prolonged labor, also commonly referred to as “failure to progress,” occurs when labor lasts for about 20 hours or more, if you are a first-time mother, and 14 hours or more if you have previously given birth. In addition to being exhausting and emotionally draining for the mother when labor is prolonged, it is a […]

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