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Study Shows Strong Link between Traumatic Brain Injury and Depression

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According to the Brain Injury Association of America, the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries are auto accidents, contact sports and assaults. Very often, victims sustain brain injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence. The negligent party may be a reckless driver, a governmental agency that fails to repair a dangerous roadway or […]

Study says Brain Injuries Can Be Debilitating Several Years Later

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A traumatic brain injury can be debilitating for children even seven years after the injury, according to a recent study. A team at the University of Paris-Saclay investigated the presence of and factors linked with self- and parent-reported fatigue seven years after a severe childhood traumatic brain injury. In the study, 38 participants between the […]

Toddler Suffers Head Injury After Falling from Window of Long Island Home

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A 2-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after he fell from the second-story window of his home in Valley Stream, Long Island. According to News12, the incident occurred late night on May 26 on Ivanhoe Place. Police say the child climbed in the stairwell of his home and fell two stories from the window shortly afterward. […]

Midtown Manhattan Bicycle Collision leaves Pedestrian with Head Injury

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A 67-year-old woman was seriously injured in a pedestrian accident after being struck by a bicyclist, who officials say, blew through a red light. According to Gothamist.com, the pedestrian was in a crosswalk at West 57th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues when the bicyclist hit her. She was rushed to an area hospital with […]

Steps to Take If You Have Suffered a Brain Injury in a Car Accident

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If you have been involved in a New York City car accident, you know you’re at risk of suffering a range of injuries. Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries are often a consequence of car accidents. This may occur when you hit your head against the steering wheel or the vehicle’s interior, or when you […]

How Do You Know If Your Baby Has Suffered Brain Damage At Birth

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Children typically have a number of developmental markers from the time they are born including sitting up, walking, talking, etc. During that time, you and your pediatrician will track your child’s progress to make sure those milestones are being met at the right time. It is natural for children to show signs of development at […]

FDA Approves Blood Test to Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injuries

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 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a blood test that may revolutionize the diagnosis in traumatic brain injuries. According to the American Council on Science and Health, the test, which is called a Brain Trauma Indicator, is marketed by Banyan Biomarkers Inc. This test may soon replace what is currently used to […]

Brain Damage

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Brain damage is a condition that causes the destruction or deterioration of brain cells. Often, brain damage is caused by some type of trauma or injury to the brain. Brain damage also occurs when oxygen supply to the brain is cut off. Most types of brain damage are irreversible. This means that the individual who […]

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