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Can Assisted Delivery Result in Birth Injuries?

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A number of complications may potentially arise in a pregnancy, especially during labor. In many instances, such issues and problems tend to occur when doctors and medical staff fail to properly monitor the mother and child or identify risks in a timely manner that may lead to a difficult labor. When a mother’s labor is […]

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Study Shows Infant Injuries from Vacuum and Forceps Deliveries Are Increasing

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Using forceps or a vacuum medical device to facilitate in the vaginal delivery of babies is leading to an increased number of birth injuries among infants, a new Canadian study shows. According to a CTV.com news report, the study, which was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal looked at nearly two million single-child hospital […]

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Federal Officials to Pay $42 Million to Family of Child Injured in Forceps Delivery

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 The federal government has agreed to pay $42 million to the parents of a young Pennsylvania boy who was left disabled from birth injuries caused by the use of forceps at the time of his delivery. According to an Associated Press news report, the federal government withdrew its appeal and agreed to pay the money. […]

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