Study Shows Stem Cells Help Repair Traumatic Brain Injury

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Traumatic Brain InjuryUniversity of South Florida researchers have determined that stem cells can help repair traumatic brain injury. According to a news release posted on, researchers have suggested a new view of how stem cells may help repair the brain following trauma. In a series of preclinical experiments, they report that transplanted cells appear to build a “biobridge” that links an uninjured brain site where new neural stem cells are born with the damaged region of the brain. The findings of this study were recently reported online in the peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE.

What are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are undifferentiated or blank cells with the potential to give rise to many different cell types that carry out different functions. The stem cells in adult bone marrow or umbilical cord blood tend to develop into the cells that make up the organ system from where they originated. However, these multi-potent stem cells can be manipulated to take on the characteristics of brain cells. There are reportedly two ways of using stem cells to treat brain damage. One way is to implant the cells directly into the brain to replace dead or dying cells. The other, more recent view is that transplanted stem cells secrete growth factors that indirectly rescue the injured tissue.
Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics
These types of ground-breaking treatments offer new hope to millions of brain-injured individuals in the United States. Every year, at least 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States as an isolated injury or along with other injuries, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Traumatic brain injury is a contributing factor to a third (30.5 percent) of all injury-related deaths in the United States. About 75 percent of traumatic brain injuries that occur each year are concussions or other forms of mild TBI.
Compensation for Brain Injury Victims
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