Six Tips to Drive Safely in Winter Weather

With the winter season increasing in severity and residents across several parts of New York already dealing with snowstorms, this is a good time to look into how to drive safely in snow or ice. This kind of weather can be treacherous for drivers and car accidents are often caused by it. Whether you are getting ready to take a road trip for a family get together during Thanksgiving weekend or driving to the neighborhood supermarket, it is important to take the necessary precautions and make sure you and your passengers are safe.

Here are six tips to help you drive safely this winter.

1. Make your plans ahead of time. This is a good idea in general before you take any road trip. Check your route to make sure you are prepared for the drive. If you are familiar with your drive, you can use that knowledge to your advantage as well. For example, if you know that a certain roadway tends to get more snow or greater ice accumulation, you can plan out an alternate route to ensure your drive is smoother.

2. Drive smoothly. One of the keys to driving in the snow is to be smooth with the steering wheel, gas pedal and brakes. This is because any sudden movements with the controls can unstick or unsettle the already tentative grip that a vehicle’s tires have on slick roadways. So, every turn of the steering wheel, push of the brakes and movement of the accelerator should be deliberate, gradual and gentle.

3. Look far ahead. The more slippery the roadway gets, it is all the more important to look farther down the road and anticipate what you’ll need to do next. Slow down when you make turns. Allow twice the stopping distance or even more when the roadway is icy. Driving carefully takes more concentration. So, make sure you are not distracted by anything.

4. Know how to handle skidding. If you feel your car beginning to skid, always look where you want to go, not where the vehicle is heading at that moment. Do not panic and hit the brakes. For a front-wheel skid, ease off the gas. That will allow the front tires to regain traction. For a rear-wheel skid, quickly turn the steering wheel in the same direction of the slide. Ease off the accelerator and stay off the brakes. As the wheels regain traction, steer your vehicle back into the desired direction.

5. Use your anti-lock brakes. If everything else fails and you need to stop your vehicle as soon as possible in snow or on ice, you need to engage the car’s anti-lock-brake system or ABS. All newer vehicles today are equipped with anti-lock brakes, which use an onboard computer to optimize the vehicle’s braking conditions. If your car is skidding out of control, push the brake pedal hard without letting up. The computer will do the rest, keeping each wheel braking as aggressively as possible based on the traction available.

6. Make sure you have winter tires. This is key to your survival in the winter. Fitting a set of four winter tires or snow tires is the best thing you can do to improve your safety margin and reduce your anxiety level on snow-covered roads. Winter tires provide much more traction in snow, slush and ice than the best set of all-season tires.

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