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NYCHA’s (The Projects) Replacement Plan for Boilers Gets Federal Approval

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The federal watchdog for the New York City Housing Authority (The Projects) has signed off on the agency’s plan to use $450 million in state aid to replace broken boilers and elevators in many of its developments. According to the New York Post, agency officials said this is a significant first step toward improving the lives of NYCHA residents, thousands of whom live in homes that are still plagued by lead poisoning concerns caused by peeling lead paint.

Fixing Dangerous Conditions

News of the approval came just hours before the arrival of the season’s first cold snap, which forecasters say may send temperatures into the 20s. The first wave of boiler replacements targets 37 troublesome plants that provide heat to nine developments and is scheduled to be completed by 2023. The developments that are on the schedule include Carey Gardens, Queensbridge North, Coney Island 1B, High Bridge Gardens, Butler Houses, Mitchel Houses, Richmond Terrace and Unity Plaza.

Many of these developments are also waiting for NYCHA to test units for lead paint and set forth remedies so young children living in these developments will not be further exposed to the toxic lead paint. NYCHA also plans to use this state funding to replace 148 elevators in 10 developments.

But, that work will not be completed until 2024. State officials had held up releasing this funding for years over concerns about NYCHA’s management, an issue that erupted with the lead poisoning scandal last year when federal investigators found the agency did not take action despite the knowledge that lead paint in the developments was poisoning the projects’ youngest residents – the children.

Lead poisoning may produce a number of serious health symptoms from headaches and stomach pain to behavioral problems and anemia. Lead may also affect a child’s developing brain. And because people with lead poisoning may show only mild symptoms, it is crucial that kids at risk of exposure undergo blood tests for lead. In children, lead poisoning may lead to a variety of health problems including decreased bone and muscle growth, poor muscle coordination, damage to the kidneys and nervous system, hearing issues, speech and language problems and developmental delays, and brain damage.

But lead poisoning was not the only problem residents of public housing (the projects) have had to face. Nearly 90 percent of NYCHA apartments lost heat and hot water last winter. NYCHA now wants to use this state funding to help tackle two of its longest-standing problems – broken heaters and failing elevators.

Problems with Elevators in The Projects

Problems with dangerous or malfunctioning elevators are nothing new in the projects. Residents have also expressed their frustrations about waiting several years to get reliable elevator services. In addition to simply being inconvenient, these malfunctions have the potential to cause elevator accidents that may result in major injuries or even fatalities. NYCHA has asked residents experiencing issues in their apartment to create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the customer contact center as 718-707-7771.

Justice for Victims

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Source: https://abc7ny.com/society/nycha-fails-to-find-long-term-fix-for-malfunctioning-elevators-residents-complain/5447491/



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