New York City Launches New Alert System to Identify Hit and Run Drivers

New York City unveiled its new hit-and-run alert system over the weekend, taking a new step to aid law enforcement in identifying drivers who leave the scene of deadly collisions. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, this new system, modeled after the Amber Alert notifications used to track kidnapped children, is designed to provide rapid information to the public when a hit-and-run crash in the city results in a serious injury or fatality. The alerts are sent by NYPD within 12 hours of the incident via social media, email, text, phone or media broadcasts and will include vehicle descriptions and any other information available.

A Hot Button Issue

Traffic safety has received a lot of attention in New York over the last few years, and rightly so. Hit-and-run accidents, especially those resulting in catastrophic injury or loss of life, have become tragically common in the city across all boroughs. On March 5, two children were struck and killed as they crossed the street with their respective mothers in a Brooklyn crosswalk. In that case, the driver was stopped and apprehended shortly after fleeing the scene.
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero program, which aims to cut traffic deaths down to zero, has been credited with reducing the number of pedestrian deaths in the city by half. Still, in 2017, there were at least 32 fatal hit-and-run crashes in New York, according to Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group. Reports also showed that in hit-and-run accidents where there has been a critical injury or fatality, arrests are made less than half the time. A bill to set up such an alert was introduced by City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez and was signed into law last December.

Why This Alert Was Necessary

New York state law requires drivers who have been involved in crashes that result in personal injury or property damage to stop right away and remain at the scene of a car accident. Motorists are also required to share information with other parties involved in the crash such as identification and insurance details. However this does not always happen and officials say that a number of hit-and-run incidents tend to occur at night in places where there are few street cameras.
Also, a number of hit-and-run drivers tend to be driving under the influence and impaired. So, they are motivated to flee the scene to avoid potential charges and penalties. While hit-and-run alert systems already exist statewide in California and Colorado, a bill has not been passed yet that sets up a statewide hit-and-run alert system in New York. City officials hope this new system in New York City will help bring justice to the families of hit-and-run victims.

If You Have Been Injured

Victims who have been injured in a hit-and-run crash may be able to receive compensation even if the driver has not been located, identified or apprehended. Injured hit-and-run victims may seek compensation through the uninsured motorist clause of his or her auto insurance policy. A victim may also be able to seek compensation through a quasi-state agency if there is no motor vehicle in his or her household. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help victims and their families recover significant monetary compensation for damages including, but not limited to, medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, hospitalization, permanent injuries, disability, past and future pain and suffering, etc.

How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help

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