When Minor Medical Procedures Result in Catastrophic Injuries

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Brain damage surgeryIn recent news, there have been two tragic reports of young children who went in for routine or minor medical procedures, but ended up with permanent brain damage. A 3-year-old girl died in Hawaii following a routine dental procedure that left her with irreversible brain damage. According to International Business Times, the toddler was left in a “persistent vegetative state” after undergoing four root canals in early December.
Her parents later decided to remove her from life support after finding out that the brain damage was permanent. The parents have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Island Dentistry for Children and the doctor who ran it alleging negligence and dangerous conduct. They are still trying to raise money to pay their daughter’s medical bills.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
According to the lawsuit, the girl was given a mix of five different sedatives and anesthetics. The claim states that the dentist did not properly account for how these medications would react in the young girl’s body and that the staff at the office was not prepared to handle emergency situations. This news of the toddler’s fatal injuries comes on the heels of another story from Oakland, California where a 13-year-old girl was left brain dead after a routine tonsillectomy. The girl’s family had to fight to keep her on life support after she went into cardiac arrest while recovering from her surgery Dec. 9.
Proving Medical Negligence
A person who alleges negligent medical malpractice must prove four elements:
• That a duty of care was owed by the physician
• That the doctor or surgeon violated the applicable standard of care
• That the person suffered a compensable injury
• That the injury was caused by the substandard conduct of the doctor or physician.
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Source: International Business Times

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