How to Detect Subtle Signs of “Mild” Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Traumatic Brain InjuriesIt is relatively easy for medical professionals to detect moderate and severe signs of a “mild” traumatic brain injury (TBI). But it is the subtle signs and symptoms that are frequently overlooked, resulting in serious health conditions. In most situations, the Queens traumatic brain injury lawyer who performs an in-depth client consultation may be the first person to suspect a “mild” TBI.

Signs and Symptoms of a “Mild” Traumatic Brain Injury

If a client has been in an accident involving head trauma, it is very important for the lawyer to carefully screen the client to look for unrecognized and untreated brain injury symptoms. The Queens traumatic brain injury lawyer should look for certain subtle signs of a TBI that may have been overlooked by the client’s treating physicians, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Difficult focusing
  • Sensitivity to bright light or loud noise
  • Short-term memory problems
  • Difficulties concentrating or multi-tasking
  • Irritability and unusual emotional reactions

It is also very important for the attorney to interview witnesses and first responders to determine if they witnessed the victim complaining of any of the above symptoms or engaging in any unusual behavior immediately following the accident.

The Term “Mild” Is a Misnomer

Although the signs and symptoms of some brain injuries may be subtle, there is nothing mild about a mild TBI. In fact, the term “mild” is a misnomer. A “mild” TBI often results in serious injuries that can have significant consequences for the victim and their loved ones. As such, it is very important for the Queens traumatic brain injury lawyer to pay close attention to any signs or symptoms of a “mild” TBI while interviewing the client. A very large sum of your money may be recovered in a “mild” traumatic brain injury case.

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